Thursday, June 09, 2005


I'm exhausted. I expected the American Society of Microbiology meeting (ASM) to be lots of fun, and it was. But after pushing my body and mind to it's limits for the last 5 days, I can't go any more. I realize now that when my boss comes back from these meetings, the bags under his eyes aren't from too much drinking, they're from too much science.

I learned a lot. Perhaps the most important thing that I learned is that I'm not as stupid as I've thought I was for the last two years. Being the lowest person on the education totem poll can really do a number on your self-confidence.

The ride back was worth the whole trip. I've known my boss for 5 years. The first three of those 5 years I was the nanny for his children. On the 4 hour ride home yesterday I learned that we're still friends, that he still really trusts me, and that he really has a lot of faith in me. It's kind of scary.

But, today will give no rest to the weary. I'm motivated again and too tired to do much about it, yet I must push on. There is work to do. Science. And lots of it. The ride home yesterday gave me lots of renewed confidence in myself, my relationship with my boss (not that it was ever bad) and a lot more responsibility on my plate.

It's time for me to step up. So, here it goes.....


At 11:33 AM, Anonymous Pat Ward said...


Who knew all those months ago when someone asked me to bring dinner to you that our lives would intertwine as they have? Oh yeah, God did, because He always has a plan. I remember being so impressed with you and your faith. I am thrilled that you and my son have become blogging buddies. I pray for you.
Pat Ward

At 5:10 AM, Blogger Jana said...

How cool that you had an in-depth, meaningful conversation with your boss. Seems those kinds of conversations are rare these days.

Take care of yourself, Amanda. Get some REST this weekend!


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