Wednesday, June 29, 2005

How Do You Eat It?

I was people-watching today at Panera (I'm still feeling rather ill and the soup was the only thing that sounded good to me today, which is an improvement considering that in the last three days I've had nothing...well, except for a few tortilla chips and a beer yesterday at SATCO*), and I was wondering....what is the proper way to eat your soup bowl? Is there a proper way?

Some people I watched would only eat the soup and the "plug" that they pull out of the center to fill it with soup.

Others would dig out the inside with their spoon.

Some would try to eat the crusty outside, as well, but this is a rather messy option, even though this is the route that I take and I think it tastes better.

I mean, I'm not trying to be a Hilton or anything, but I like to have manners. Is it rude or disgusting to see someone trying to eat the outside of the bowl, too?

*It was not my choice to have the beer yesterday. We had a paper accepted into a big journal a couple of days ago (YAY!) and we went out to celebrate that and to toast to the main author. Before I new it, a beer was opened and passed down to me, so I felt like I had to drink it. I really didn't want it. Sore throat/upset stomach/exhaustion don't mix too well with alcohol. Not that I think I did anything wrong, I don't have any problems with Christians drinking alcohol in moderation, but I'm sure that a couple of you out there reading this are saying to yourselves, "Beer? I thought you were sick...."


At 8:28 AM, Blogger Andrea said...

You know..I have never had a soup bowl. But, in honor of your posts, I will visit the new Panera bread close to our house. I'll let you know what I observe and what I end up doing.


I'll tell them Amanda sent me. Maybe you'll get a free t-shirt or something


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