Friday, July 15, 2005

Breaking News!!!!

So, my aunt has been having some problems with elevated liver enzymes (bad). I referred her to the liver clinic here at Vanderbilt (good).

She saw a doctor last week (a doctor that I have not seen before), and he told her that although he doesn't KNOW me, he knows my case extensively because they discuss it in detail every time they have a departmental meeting. He told her that because of our familial history, they think they have found the gene that caused my disease!!!! They were able to study me, and now they are able to study her, so they can possibly find what/where this gene is.

Of course, this is not for sure just yet. But, either way, I have made an extremely important part of scientific history possible! YAY!!!!

I should SO be listed as an author on that paper.......I've made a bigger sacrifice than any of those doctors!


At 1:06 PM, Anonymous Anonymous said...

Cool! Years from now, folks may "owe you" for the healthy future they enjoy. :)

At 1:30 PM, Blogger Tony Arnold said...

You definitely should be listed on the article. Especially based on the blog about the unfeeling resident and Dr. Bigshot.


At 2:20 PM, Blogger CL said...

Sweet, nice job!

At 10:29 PM, Blogger Andrea said...

That's incredible. Very exciting news.

At 5:01 AM, Anonymous Anonymous said...

I hope your sacrifice does help make this leap in knowledge. Also hope your aunt is okay.

On the other topic... don't these papers require anonymity for the subjects? Maybe you can get involved in the research somehow... Of course, that might not be a good idea (too close to your heart).

At 10:49 AM, Blogger DigiGirl said...

Wow! I feel a surprise twist coming on the "How it All Started" series!

At 10:37 AM, Blogger DigiGirl said...

I have a curious question that i'm not quite sure how to phrase...

Do your faith and your career sometimes conflict? Being that you study things on a microscopic level, do you feel like you're observing God's microscopic workings?

The reason i'm asking is because I work in the Science industry myself, only mine is more of a Geology/Paleontology focus. I am neither a Geologist nor a Paleontologist, but rather an artist who aids in rendering and interpretation of ancient landscapes based on the fossil record. My background is in art and design, but i'm fascinated by the science and i'm happy use my artistic skills in the research process.

Anyway, my question stems from the observation that sometimes scientists in this industry have to choose between their faith based knowledge, and the knowledge they acquire through science. More specifically, the Bible says the earth is THOUSANDS of years old, whereas their scientific method may determine something is MILLIONS of years old. This would seem like a major conflict, I would think.

Anyway, I was just curious to see if there was such controversy in your field.

You can sleep on it if you need to and email me later:



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