Thursday, July 21, 2005

How It All Started (Part IV)

Freshman Year

I had decided before starting school at LU that I would major in Bible and Chemistry. I wanted to be a pharmacist, but I also had a huge urge to really dive into Scripture and learn as much as I could....but remember, I was pretty cocky.....I also had other motives.

Along the way, I had to learn about the churches of Christ. I was Southern Baptist through and through. I knew nothing of the churches of Christ (CoC's). My Grandma (the wife of my S. Baptist preacher grandpa), tried to scare me out of going to LU. She told me that "they" believe that they're the only ones going to Heaven, and that "they" believe that you have to be baptized to be saved. So, I was warned. Here is where my "other motives" come in. I decided that I was going to go to this school, take the Bible classes, and prove to these CoC'ers that they aren't the only ones going to Heaven and that you don't have to be baptized to be saved. Amanda the Missionary.

So, I move into the dorm, only to find out that my roommate is a pretty conservative CoCer. Ah! My first victim! She was pretty cool, but she was also as stubborn and set in her ways as I was.

And I start classes. My first two Bible professors were Terry Briley (fall semester) and Mark Black (spring semester). What a way to be introduced to the CoC! My pre-concieved notions were shattered! You mean you don't believe that you're the only ones going to Heaven??? And everyone doesn't believe that you have to be baptized to be saved??? And all of my Bible classes aren't going to be classes on learning the CoC doctrine??? say you don't have a doctrine??? (insert laugh here) For your information, everyone has a doctrine, whether it's written down or not......

I'm getting off-subject....

Anyway, these two classes were honors classes, so it was virtually the same students in each class (including my roommate). We got to be pretty good friends with this girl, I'll call her Jen.

Jen was a super-cool Nashville native. She babysat a lot for local families. The spring semester of our freshman year, Jen decided that she was going to go out to Cali to finish her degree, but she needed someone to take over for her at her regular nanny position for a local family. Turns out that my roommate couldn't do it because she had already taken a nanny position for our sophomore year that overlapped with the position that Jen was offering. So, I took it. I knew nothing of the family, I just knew that it would fit perfectly into my schedule, and it was only about 6 hours a week, $10/hour. I was definitely not going to complain about the money. I had never in my life made that much babysitting.

Also, during my freshman year, I started to get sick. I did not eat in our school cafeteria that much (it wasn't terrible, just wasn't good and healthy), but it was only when I ate at school that I would get sick. This is kinda nasty, but I'm going to explain it anyway, because someone always asks: I got diarrhea. About 20 minutes after I would eat at school, it would hit. Every time, consistantly. So, after I noticed a pattern, I stopped eating in the cafeteria.

It started to get persistantly worse. It got to the point where it didn't matter what I ate, I got sick. I lost a lot of weight. I finally figured out that the only things I could get without getting sick were fish and turkey. Don't ask me. It doesn't make any sense to me, either. And it wasn't a fatty food thing because I could eat a fish sandwich from McDonalds and be fine. I continued to lose weight and any time I would break out of my fish and turkey diet (even to eat fruit!) I knew what was coming. I couldn't go on a date to dinner and a movie unless I knew there would be ample time to "get over" dinner. My life started to meld around this whole sickness issue. I finally decided toward the very end of my freshman year that I had had enough. I was going to the doctor.

God Things #3 and 4: Take the nannying position, start to get sick.


At 12:29 PM, Blogger Tony Arnold said...

You are stubborn. Just 2-3 weeks of constantly getting sick, I would assume there is a problem and get medical advice.


At 7:19 AM, Blogger Jana said...

Amanda - I am loving hearing all the details of your story (even the diarrhea details -- ha ha). It's so cool seeing how God is at work in people's lives.

At 7:52 AM, Blogger Andrea said...

You waited how long to go to the doctor?!?!? College age kids must really think they are invinceable.

BTW....Amanda, I have the same issue with just red meat and Chinese food. Don't know why, just know to avoid it or plan to be near the restrooms soon afterward.

At 7:55 AM, Blogger Amanda said...

Yeah, Yeah. I know. Just wait until you hear the rest of the story......


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