Tuesday, September 13, 2005

My Head is Swimming

I've got so much to say lately...I feel bad because I sincerely hope that, as often as I'm posting these days, everyone is having time to read everything that they want to read.

Phil left a comment on my last post about marriage to let me know that they were not able to record Tim's sermon on Sunday. They had a virus on the computer. I'm so bummed. Hummm....if my husband were working on our church's computers, that wouldn't have happened..... *wink*

Also, I would like you guys to read this post on Waiter Rant's blog. Let me know what you think. And please excuse some of the language you might be exposed to, not so much on this post, but on other posts if you decide to surf around a little. The guy can be a terrific writer, and he has a very interesting story, but I would really like to get everyone's opinion on that post.


At 12:35 PM, Blogger Tony Arnold said...

I understand the pain. Man has such a hard time trying to understand God, but that is impossible. One thing I find interesting is that so many people reject God in the form discussed in the Bible or what they learned in church. When they reject God, they often use the logic, that the God I was taught or the God in the Bible is only what man created God to be. But then they turn around and form their own opinion of God, not based on any truth but based on their own attempts to reconcile life. They create God in their own psychological image.

The problem with the writer's take is that it assumes death is the finality, it is the major end. He may believe in some existence after death, but inherently it seems to be a lesser life. Death is still the major, tragic event. This is inherently stated in the fact that the loss of life is so tragic, so horrible.

Don't misunderstand me, I am not saying it is not terribly painful. But we as Christians are doing a poor job of spreading the good news of Christ amongst ourselves and the world. Spreading the knowledge that earthly death no longer has any power over us. Death is not the tragic end. In fact, through Christ we gain a life that supercedes death; a life that is victorious over death. If we believe that, it is hard to see God as weak in the world. We must see Him as victorious over the world.

I challenge that we have a warped perspective and that Satan preys on and encourages that perspective so that he can use fear to drive us away from God. Christ and Paul clearly state that we must no longer fear death.

I do agree with the points that it is how we serve others during these trying events that matter. Just think how much better we can serve when we do not fear death.


At 12:56 PM, Blogger Lindsay said...

The Waiter Rant guy tackled one of the biggest questions in humanity, I think -- If God's God, why do bad things happen?

A lot of people say it's because of sin (and sometimes that's true), but I think another thing is that we expect God to act the way WE think He should act -- creating Him in our image, even (?) We don't see the big picture, but He does.

I still have my own questions about this, but maybe that's a starting point?

At 3:43 PM, Blogger Tammy M. said...

I can remember feeling like this at an early part in my "searching for God, and trying to figure it all out stage." Trying to understand all the bad in this world and making sense of it, at some point I realized, through reading scripture that I can never understand the way things play out on earth, I was not created to understand God. At a workshop this last year Rick Atchley spoke on the healing power of God. It was three days long, but the statement I remember the most is that we are completely healed when we leave this earth and take that expressway to heaven. Why God heals some and not others is uncomprehendable to me, and that is where I say to myself...let God be God and quit trying to understand the why's and why nots of this world. One of my friends asked me last night how I was doing with my son Jack who is in chemo for his brain tumor, and the subject moved to what if he dies from this, and all I could think was that when we get to heaven and see glory all around us we will have wished we had gotten there sooner. One thing a man told me who was giving me counsel on the subject of the brain tumor his son had, when I asked him if he ever felt "why did this happen to my child?" He said you have to say why not my child, just because we are christians does not mean that God gives us a life of no trouble just for following him, if he did everyone would jump on that bandwagon, your true faith and trust in God, is refined by that fire when you are struggling, it is easy to believe and proclaim when things go our way, but when things aren't we start blaming God for his lack of love and concern, or worse if you ask me, by belittling God and His power on earth. It goes back to that quote I posted earlier from Mother Teresa that I love so much
...." And it is true, Jesus can be very demanding also, and it is at those times when he is so demanding that to give him a big smile is very beautiful...."
I choose to smile at God even when he is demanding alot from me in my faith. It is a decision we all must make.

At 3:51 PM, Blogger Tony Arnold said...

That was beautiful Tammy M.


At 4:48 PM, Blogger Debi said...

I understand the feelings expressed in Waiter's post. I'd like to think that as that woman was drowing in NO, that Jesus was holding her in his hands, comforting her, and that she didn't suffer (or for long at all - that she passed on before she actually drowned.) I'd like to believe that was also the case for those in the Twin Towers that were God's children. I believe that God is there protecting us and comforting us until the very end.

When my cousin was dying of colon cancer, he went into a coma before he actually died. I believe that God put him in the coma to protect him from the physical pain his body was experiencing ... shortly before calling him home. We were told by nursing staff that most in his position suffered more severely before they died. I believe it was because he was a faithful child of God - and that God was protecting his child.

God DOES answer prayers, but not necessarily with the answer we want. I also struggle with why people suffer, in my mind, needlessly. Probably because my Mom has been sick since 1988 - and we've prayed for her healing all these years - and she's still sick. I just don't understand what God's plan is ... but He's in charge and knows what He's doing, so I try to keep my focus on that. It's hard at times, but isn't that what faith is all about? Believing in something we can't necessarily "see" or "explain"?

I whole-heartedly agree with Waiter when he states that God works through us in times of trouble. That is God showing His face to the world through our actions and love of Him. It's our way of sharing Jesus with others - in a "non-preaching" way.

At 8:52 AM, Anonymous Anonymous said...

Tammy M, Jack is blessed to have your faith guiding him. I am blessed also to read of your faith.

At 2:42 PM, Blogger Tony Arnold said...

I hope some might find this response useful as I posted my earlier comment on another blog that linked to Waiter's blog article. Waiter responded to my comments.

Waiter's response: Funny, I don't recall saying death was the end of anything in my post. Tony is making a mighty big assumption that I think "life after death" is somehow a "lesser exsistence.'

My response: Yes I did make that assumption from reading the article, although I got that sense through my filters.

Waiter did not say that specifically and we often assume wrong. For that I apologize. One of the filters is having heard others have similar thoughts and did feel death was a pretty permanent end. So to Waiter, I apologize.

However, I do stick by my belief that through Christ, death has no hold over us and points to a powerful God.

Thanks for calling me out on this Waiter.


At 3:07 PM, Blogger Malia said...

As soon as I saw that Waiter had left that comment I immediately came to your blog because I knew that you had linked to the post as well. I wanted to see if he had also posted here.

You can imagine my surprise to see that comment on my blog. My mom and I were just talking about it. It's almost like having a famous person's autograph...too funny!


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