Friday, October 28, 2005

I'm Copying

Jana did this, and I thought it looked fun, so I'm going to do it, too. :o)

If you were having a party and could invite any one (as long as you had never met them before), who would you invite?

Jesus (duh)
Ghandi - I think it would be really cool having Jesus and Ghandi at the same table.
Dolly Parton - She's just cool and really the only celebrity that I would go ga-ga around (even though I'd try to play it cool).
Mother Teresa - Boy, the things I could learn from that woman.....
Bill and Melinda Gates - Because they're super rich and still give away lots and lots of money. I'd like to talk to them about how they choose to whom (where) to give the money.
Oprah - She's Oprah, people!
Henri Nouwen - One of my favorite authors. Another person I would love to learn from.
Mary Magdaline - I want to know if she wrote the gospel of John and what she did after Jesus left Earth. Scripture tells us nothing of her.
Laura Bush - I just like her.
Watson and Crick - The guys that discovered the DNA structure and some other cool do people like that think???
Some other early scientist people - what where they thinking when they infected themselves or their loved ones with stuff that could have killed them, but that didn't kill them and led to some of the most significant scientific and medicinal discoveries our world has ever known. What risk-takers!
The guy who first looked at a cow's udders and thought to himself, "What if I were to drink from those????" And then had enough courage to actually try it.


At 7:38 AM, Blogger Sarah said...

Would you invite me, too? That sounds like quite a crowd!

I think Dolly Parton is quite a celebrity -- and probably a hoot to be around -- but could I bring Tom Hanks, too? He just makes me laugh. . .

Do you think the cow udder guy was the same guy that thought cream that had gone sour would be good on a baked potato? You just have to wonder. . .


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