Thursday, December 29, 2005

Our Travel History

I love road trips with my husband. We never fail to get into something crazy.

Like the first time we travelled anywhere together. All he told me was that we were going snow skiing. I didn't realize until he had me pull out the map that we were supposed to be meeting some friends of his in Knoxville. We were in Chattanooga.

Then there was the time that we travelled with one of his friends to North Carolina. It's not too smart to be the only girl stuck in a car for 14 or so hours with two college guys. We were having fun until they decided that for dinner we were going to split a gallon (yes, an entire gallon) of cookie dough ice cream and then finish that off with a bloomin' onion and cheese fries from Outback. It was not a nice-smelling 8 or so hours. Between the left over food, the melting ice cream, and the boys.....yuck. I don't want to think about it.

Then there are our road trips to Minnesota. This year was the first time we made the drive without getting lost. The first time we ended up in the middle of Illinois somewhere in the middle of a cornfield. It took me a couple of hours of telling him what roads to take to get us back on track without back-tracking. And then there was last year and the "quick stop" in Chicago. We always avoid Chicago, but when you miss an interstate, you never know where you're gonna end up. We've learned that lesson many, many, many times. More times than I've mentioned here.

And then there was this year. I actually drove back for a few hours. I did most of the interstate changes. From 39 to 74 and then on to 57. We stopped for lunch in Effingham, Illinois and I was tired. All Rick had to do was get on I-24 and that would take us straight into Nashville. I was asleep for a couple of hours when I heard, "Honey...why is the interstate ending in a mile?? We haven't even been through Kentucky yet....." We stopped at some random gas station in the middle of a cornfield to ask where in the world we were. We were in Dexter, Missouri. That's west of Sikeston. That's waaaaay out of our way. I teased him, asking him why he had missed all of the "to I-24 signs" and the exit to I-24. Then I teased him that his next clue should have been the "Welcome to Missouri" sign. And even the next clue should have been that the interstate speed changed to 70, which it doesn't do until we get in to Tennessee. He had missed the interstate several hours before. We ended up driving almost down into Arkansas, and then taking some random interstate and highway over to I-40, a little over half way from Nashville to Memphis. We ended up getting home about 3 hours later than we should have.

Other than our extra road trip, we had a great Christmas with Rick's family. Lots of food, staying up really late playing games, sleeping in really late, and then spending the rest of the day in our pj's. I was completely worthless for a week.

I hope you all had wonderful Christmases and that you had safe travels. Now it's about time to say, Happy New Year!!


At 1:54 PM, Blogger Tony Arnold said...

As a type A control freak, that mode of navigation would drive me crazy and angry. Of course I would have been driving anyway so we wouldn't get lost.

Happy New Year.


At 11:43 PM, Blogger Natalie Brooke said...


so this what i'm missing out on...getting lost with my husband? I can't wait!

Happy New Year!

At 5:22 AM, Blogger Andrea said...

My husband and I both seem to have internal sense of directions...we never get lost. Never. And we both love maps. LOL

Sounds like a wonderful Christmas. Being totally worthless is SOOOOOO nice sometimes.

Happy New Years!

At 6:22 AM, Blogger Debi said...

Glad to hear you had an enjoyable trip - and a scenic one at that. ;-) The lazy days spent in pjs are some of the best! Those types of vacations (staying up late playing games, sleeping late, and lounging around) are the most memorable ones.

Glad to hear you're home safely now -- "Welcome Home!" and Happy New Year to you too!

At 7:01 AM, Blogger Jana said...

Tell Rick he needs to prepare for more teasing at life group.

At 8:32 AM, Blogger Tammy M. said...

Reading your adventures in driving hits me and my husband right on the nose. Glad you had fun, glad you made it home safe.


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