Tuesday, April 11, 2006

Donate Life

That's always the slogan for April, but I didn't know that until last year.

It's Organ Donation Awareness Month, so get out there and sign your driver's license. But don't let it end there. Be sure to tell your closest relative or two your wishes. Your organs will not be donated without your next-of-kin's approval.

I just went to my first Organ Donation Awareness event here at Vanderbilt. It was very intimidating, but good, I think. I got there a little late, so I missed most of the talk by a dad who's son donated his organs. After most of the people cleared out, I did work up enough courage to walk over to the Tennessee Donor Services booth to ask them about how to volunteer. I met some really cool people, and I'm excited about getting started. I want to give back. I've tried to give back and couldn't (another story), so now it's time to really do something.

If you want more information about donating organs, just click on the UNOS link in my side bar. They can answer all of your questions, or lead you to someone who can.

Please think seriously about this.